The newest service I offer is soooo much fun! Game shows played in the style of Jeopardy, Wheel, Squares, Deal or No Deal, Family Feud and Millionaire......get more info by calling me at 352-874-7544.



OK, so many singing shows are hot on TV and while you may not make it past "the judges", you can share your talents with friends and patrons at one of my karaoke parties. I bring everything--mikes, monitor, wireless mikes, thick books filled with song name it! You bring the real talent!

These are events that hold so much meaning in people's lives. I've been fortunate to become such a part of these special moments in the lives of so many brides and grooms.  Call me and let me help you get through the confusing details of what should be a day of ease and enjoyment and not stress and concern. Having an experienced host only adds to your special day.

Is your graduating class getting together again? I can provide the music and the fun as well as work with your committee to create a memorable evening. If you have trivia questions about the old school and the like, I can interact with them to allow the memories to flow smoothly. It's so easy with the game show presentation outlined above!

The Holiday Season books up fast. After all, there are only so many Fridays and Saturdays before Christmas.....the good halls are taken and so are the quality DJs. Don't be left out. Call me and we'll discuss your party and lock in the date. All kinds of music for all kinds of holiday fun! I have a list of satisfied corporate clients!

Over the years, I've done voiceovers for many major businesses. Fellow professionals tell me my voice is solid and assured and that I can do all types of sells. But, most importantly, they tell me my voice stands out amidst the radio clutter of other commercials.  Want a sample of your next production voice? 

A professional voice soothing callers that someone will be there for them soon can only make your customer feel assured. A professional demeanor for your on-hold messaging tells your company's story, trumpets your achievements and makes any hold more tolerable. Face it-sometimes a valued customer has to wait....make it worth their while and yours, too. I recently was chosen to be the voice of Capital Repertory Theatre in Albany, NY and since I also do some theatre-that was a REAL honor for me! I've also voiced for Sterigenics in Charlotte, NC and Triangle Rent-A-Car for all their Southeast locations!

For samples of both and a few video narrations, click  here!

I voice Sales Presentations, Product Launches, Marketing Videos, Video Brochures, News Releases, Training Programs, Trade Show Videos, Point-of-Sale Messaging, Narrations of Audiobooks, TV Documentaries, Infomercials. 

And now, new services to please almost everyone! 2012 brings more great reasons to call me! They include Game Show parties, karaoke and a special presentation on growing up as a Baby Boomer!  Get info on that  here!

Plus, with my relocation to The Villages, Fl. and my still serving upstate NY,  I cannot wait! If YOU need more info on these events, call me at 352-874-7544. This will allow me to entertain at more venues and at corporate events as well! 

If you need any info on these services -call  352-874-7544.