A few questions I've received:

"How long does an average game show party last?"

Usually 60-75 minutes is the length I suggest to keep the crowd into it......always keep them wanting more for the next event!

"What if we want dancing afterwards?"

I have the dance music, karaoke, excellent Bose sound system and the ability to really move a party!

"Does our group need to supply anything for a game show party?"

As far as equipment goes? Not a thing! If your group would like to supply a couple of small prizes like coffee shop gift cards or bottles of cheer, it makes for an even better  night. But, it's not necessary!

"How many can play at once?"

Some of the games can play up to 10....there are 7 to choose from. They're in the style of your TV favorites: Millionaire, Jeopardy, Wheel, Family Feud, Deal or No Deal, Squares or just generic one question-one answer. Wow! What a selection! Check out the home page and see what's available.

"We'd like to have questions dealing with our group and the state we're from....can you tailor them like that?"

You bet, and they'll still look like your favorite TV game shows!

"How do we reach you"?

Easy--call 24 hours a day at 352-874-7544-I serve The Villlages, Fl. and The Capital Region of upstate NY!